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Odds vs. Other Books:
hold vs. 4.5% avg
*lower is better
VIP/Rewards Grade: 5/5
Summary: MGM's rewards program is full of deposit matches and can include a VIP rep.

Updated: Sep 27, 2023
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Matched Betting

What is the "Matched Betting Value" listed above? This is the amount of risk free profit that you can make from the sign-up offer through a technique called matched betting. In short, it is a mathematical approach to sports betting that guarantees profit by hedging your bets. This allows you to cover all possible outcomes and secure a profit no matter what happens in the game. This is different from gambling because there is no risk of losing. Learn more in our What Is Matched Betting guide.

Available Locations


MGM is one of the larger and more valuable sportsbooks. MGM is available in 21 states/provinces. They have a strong rewards program however they are quick to limit profitable bettors. This is something you want to avoid because of how profitable MGM is. The best way to do this is to stick to main lines. You can read our guide on avoiding this in our Don't Get Limited guide. MGM often has “soft” odds on the "minus side". Soft odds means they are far from the average odds compared to other books in the bettor's favor. Their alternate lines are nearly always the best odds out of every available book, creating arbitrage opportunities. For example, a line that is -250 on MGM might average -300 on all other books.

If you continually bet alternate lines/props they will notice, and limit you to the point where they won’t let you more than $5, even on an NFL money line. Once limited, you won’t be able to profit off of MGM anyone. Limits are more likely to occur immediately after a withdrawal.  It appears that making a withdrawal prompts the trading team to do a review of your account. Avoid making withdrawals on MGM if possible.

Notes Before Signing Up

Sign-up Offer

$1,000 Risk Free Bet on your first wager. If your first wager loses, it is refunded as a Free Bet. Note that this is different from FanDuel (FD). FD refunds their Risk Free Bets with Site Credit. The different refund types mean the hedging math is different. This is outlined below. You can normally see this offer in the app before you register. Then once you register and log in, it goes away. Don’t worry, you still have it. You can always check with customer service if you are not sure. This has a matched betting value of ~$500.

Hidden Sign-up Offer

Register for an account and do NOT deposit. Wait 1-3 days and you will be sent a $500 deposit match offer with 1x rollover. This can be combined with the $1,000 Risk Free Bet. This has a matched betting value of ~$500 in addition to the $500 from the initial sign-up offer for a total of ~$1,000.

Unique Terminology

Bonus Bet: Free Bet

Signup Offers

$1,500 Risk Free Bet

$1,500 Risk Free Bet refunded as a Free Bet

$500 Deposit Match

$500 Deposit Match in Site Credit

Repeating The Sign-up Offers

Sign-up offers are some of the most profitable promotions available in matched betting. Some sportsbooks will allow you to repeat them in each state increasing your profits. You can learn more about repeating the sign-up offers in multiple states in our guide.

  • Separate account per state: Yes
  • Can you repeat the signup offer in each state: Yes
  • Can you do the Refer A Friend (RAF) offer and the sign-up offer: No

VIP/Rewards Program

If you have a large bankroll, email them at, asking what they can offer for a $10,000+ deposit before you make your first deposit. MGM frequently offers deposit match offers after a loss, and many times will simply give you Site Credit after a loss. These have a wide range of rollover requirements. They can be 1x to 6x or more, pay close attention to this as it may change how you want to hedge the bets.

Example Promotion

MGM is a promotion-filled sportsbook. They offer regular deposit matches, Qualifying Bets such as Bet and Gets, Profit Boosts, Free Bets, and more. You can view your available promotions in the designated promotions tab on the app/website.

Bet and Get

Here is an example Bet and Get, which is a Qualifying Bet, on MGM. If you place a $250 bet on the NBA you will receive a $100 Free Bet. Through matched betting, you can mathematically guarantee a profit by hedging your bet.

Screenshot of MGM Bet and Get Promotion

Qualifying Bet Finder

You can use the Qualifying Bet Finder on DarkHorse Odds to guarantee a profit of over $61. In addition to the Profit Boost Bet Finder DarkHorse Odds has all the tools needed to convert a wide variety of sportsbook promotions such as Free Bets, Risk Free Bets, Site Credit, and more. You can learn more about matched betting in our guides.

Screenshot of DarkHorse Odds' Qualifying Bet Finder

Deposit & Withdraw Methods

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