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DarkHorse Odds is the #1 U.S. Matched Betting website. Seen in Businessweek. We give you the tools you need to maximize profit from Free Bets, Profit Boosts, Site Credit, Risk Free Bets, Arbitrage and more.


Don't waste your Free Bet. Find the best wagers to place to guarantee money from your Free Bet.

Manually finding the ideal hedges for your Profit Boosts is hard. Different Max Bets. Different Boost Percents. Different Max Extra Winnings. DarkHorse Odds does it all for you.

Have a Risk Free Bet? Find the right hedge to walk away with max profit.

Turn Site Credit into your money. Find the right bets to maximize your site credit conversion.

Quickly find market inefficiencies across the sportsbooks.

Some sites offer Bonus Voucher Promotions. DarkHorse Odds has a Bet Finder for these that does all the math for you.

Some promotions only get awarded after placing regular bets first. These Qualifying Bets are the most complicated of Matched Bets to figure out manually, but DarkHorse Odds does all the work for you.

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New to Sportbook Matched Betting? DarkHorse Odds has guides for getting started, tips and tricks, and a guide for each type of Sportsbook Promo.

Bet Slip Desktop

The Bet Slip

Each Bet Finder shows you a Bet Slip that lists both the primary bet and the hedge bet that are needed to place to guarantee profit.

Outcome Explanation

Get a plain-english breakdown of how you make money, no matter which outcome happens.

Outcome Explanation Table

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