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Sportsbook Arbitrage

Level: Beginner
Updated: Mar 15, 2023
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Key Takeaways

If you are new to using Bet Finders on DarkHorse start here to learn how to use all the available features such as filters and editing your Bet Slip.

In all of our guides, we filter to “Main Lines Only” as a way to avoid limits. Learn more here.

Normally you can’t make money when betting on both sides of an event. The best you can do is take a small loss. But sometimes the lines will cross in such a way that enables you to guarantee profit. This is called arbitrage.

Profiting From Arbitrage

Use the Arbitrage finder.

Filter to main lines only. Not required, only recommended.

The example below shows a $48 profit by hedging a $1,000 bet.

After selecting the bet you want, viewing the bet slip provides all the details needed to properly hedge ensuring maximum profit. In this example on SuperBook, you would place a $1,000 Primary Bet on the Seattle Mariners money line at +100. Then place a Hedge Bet on PlayUp of $952 on the Chicago White Sox at +110. Either way, you will profit $48.

Clicking “Details” or the information icon displays further details explaining exactly how you profit $48 no matter the outcome of the event.