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Tennessee Sports Betting

Sign-up Offers Summary

  • Number of Sportsbooks: 10
  • Sign-up Offer Value: $4,333
  • Yearly Recurring Value: $10,950

Before You Start

  1. Read our Getting Started guides.
  2. Limits are the worst thing that can happen to you as a Matched Bettor. Understand what limits are and how to avoid them by reading our Don't Get Limited guide.
  3. Ensure you understand what promotions can and cannot be stacked. For example you do not want to put two Risk Free Bets against each other. Read our Stacking Promotions Guides.
  4. Signup offers do vary by state and change periodically. Always double check the terms and conditions of each offer. Common criteria include:
    a. Minimum deposit amount
    b. Minimum odds
    c. Required timeline from when your account was opened
    d. Promo code required or not
    e. Maximum value
  5. Don't stop after the sign-up offers. Sportsbooks have recurring promotions that can easily be worth over several hundred dollars a month, or even more if you reach VIP status.

Still Have Questions?

Get Additional Help

DarkHorse Odds has partnered with The Book Investing. They offer personalized one-on-one consultation to help you profit from matched betting. They are familiar with the best strategies available to increase profits and longevity.

For New Users to The Book Investing, they offer a free walkthrough on your first matched bet.

Getting Started

After reading our Getting Started guide, the next step is determining your starting bankroll. Your starting bankroll changes the approach you take to complete all the sign-up offers. This guide contains two methods, one for bankrolls over $6,000 (large) and one for under $6,000 (standard). Selecting your starting bankroll size below adjusts the recommended order for completing the sign-up offers and helps optimize your profit.

Standard bankrolls: Start with the smaller sign-up offers to build your bankroll. Then move to DraftKings followed by the larger sign-up offers.

Large Bankrolls: Start with DraftKings and maximize the 20% deposit match. Then use DraftKings to hedge other signup offers. This will often results in their VIP team contacting you which leads to larger and more profitable offers. If you have a bankroll over $10,000 consider immediately going after VIP status. Read our guide on Becoming a VIP.

The introductory bonuses provided below are just the beginning. Each sportsbook offers regular promotions that could potentially amount to several hundred dollars per month, and if you attain VIP status, the benefits could be even greater.

Available Offers

Select your starting bankroll size. This adjusts the recommended order to complete the sign-up offers.

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