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How to Convert a Profit Boost

Level: Beginner
Updated: Aug 25, 2023
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Bet Finder Introduction

If you are new to using Bet Finders on DarkHorse Odds start by reading our Bet Finder Basics guides to learn how to use all the available features such as filters and editing your Bet Slip.

Key Takeaways
  • Profit Boosts increase your payout on a winning bet
  • The Profit Boost percentage varies for each promotion
  • You need to identify if the profit boost has a maximum additional winnings
  • Use the Profit Boost Bet Finder on DarkHorse Odds to convert

What is a Profit Boost?

A profit boost is when a sports book adds a percentage to your winnings. Profit Boosts have set criteria, such as a 50% boost on a $100 bet with maximum additional winnings of $250. With profit boosts, you can make bets that were not originally arbitrage into a bet that is arbitrage. This guarantees a profit.

For example, if you use a 50% profit boost on a line that is +100, the boosted odds become +150. If the opposing team on another book is -125 you took a game that was not arbitrage and made it into one.

Converting Profit Boosts

Enter the Profit Boost Criteria

Select the Profit Boost Finder.

In all of our guides, we filter to “Main Lines Only” as a way to avoid limits. Limits will greatly reduce your long-term earnings potential. Learn the best practices on avoiding sportsbook limits in our Don't Get Limited guide. You can apply this by selecting Filters -> Main Lines Only. This is not required but highly recommended.

This sets Market Type to Money Line, Spread, and Total. It also sets Market Segment to Full Game+ and Full Game.

Select Your Matched Bet

After selecting the sportsbook you have the Profit Boost with. Then enter the max bet amount, profit boost percent, and max extra winnings. You can then select the matched bet that best fits your needs. The example below shows a 50% Profit Boost on DraftKings with a max bet of $100, and max extra winnings of $250.

Place Your Matched Bet

After selecting the bet you want, viewing the bet slip provides all the details needed to properly hedge ensuring maximum profit. In this example, on DraftKings you would place the $100 Profit Boost on the Red Wings moneyline with original odds of +235 boosted to +353. Then you would place a Hedge Bet on Bally or Elite of $321 on the Flames moneyline at -245. Either outcome gives you a profit of $31.

Outcome Explanation

Clicking the information icon on the bet slip above displays further details explaining exactly how you profit $31 no matter the outcome of the event.

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