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Becoming a VIP
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How To Become A VIP On Sportsbooks

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Updated: Jun 12, 2024
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One of the questions that we always get is, "How can I become a VIP on different sportsbooks?"

The short answer is that it varies by sportsbook; but the general concept is the same. Wager a large amount of money. In this guide we will break down the overarching themes of becoming a sportsbook VIP as well as examine the specifics for some of the more popular sportsbooks.

Key Takeaways
  • Becoming a VIP increases your matched betting profits
  • You can leverage VIP status across sportsbooks and even outside of online sports betting
  • Reaching VIP status creates a positive feedback loop
  • Each sportsbook has different criteria for VIP status

Basic Requirements For VIP Status

No matter which sportsbook you are trying to achieve VIP status on, there are two basic requirements you need. First, you need a large bankroll, ideally over $10,000. It is possible to start with less, but it will make it much harder to wager enough to achieve VIP status. A smaller bankroll is also more likely to require you to make withdrawals so you can move money around based on available promotions. The less you withdraw, the better, as outlined in our Don't Get Limited guide. Second, you need to wager a significant amount each week. The amount of money you wager on a sportsbook is often called volume or handle. If you placed ten bets for $1,000 each, you could say you had "$10,000 in handle" or "pushed $10,000 of volume".

VIP Referrals

Often the best method to reach VIP status on a sportsbook is by getting referred by someone who is already a VIP. Most times, if you receive a VIP referral, then you will get a deposit match on your first deposit. Typically, this will be in addition to the standard sportsbook sign-up offer. You can expect something like a 10-25% deposit match on your first deposit. If you get a 20% deposit match on $10,000 to get started, you can quickly turn that into well over $1,000 profit by converting the Bonus Bet or closer to $2,000 if it is a Site Credit deposit match.

VIP Status Match

Once you are a VIP at one sportsbook, you can contact a second sportsbook and leverage your VIP status from the first. You can simply send an email to customer service asking for a status match or you apply for a status match through a formal program if the sportsbook has one.

Targeted Hedging

The second way that you can use your VIP status on one sportsbook to become a VIP on another is by targeting your hedge bets. Let's say that you are a BetRivers VIP but not a FanDuel VIP. When BetRivers gives you VIP promotions, you can make sure that you hedge them on FanDuel. Since the VIP offers from BetRivers are larger, your hedges on FanDuel will be larger. For example, during the NFL season, BetRivers has a VIP Sunday NFL Stacker that requires you to bet $5,000 on the NFL weekly.  Your hedge for this promotion is also ~$5,000, and by ensuring that you are hedging on FanDuel, you can increase the chances of becoming a FanDuel VIP.

VIP Merry-Go-Round

Through the VIP Status match and targeted hedging methods described above, you can create a positive feedback loop. VIP promotions are larger than standard promotions and require larger hedges on a second sportsbook. These larger hedges are more likely to result in VIP on the second sportsbook. Reaching VIP on the second sportsbook means larger promotions that require larger hedges. You can then hedge these promotions on a third sportsbook. Again, the larger the hedges on your third sportsbook, the more you increase the chances of VIP status and larger offers on the third sportsbook. This loop continues through as many sportsbooks as possible and circles back to the first sportsbook, ultimately making sure that you maintain your VIP status on the first sportsbook. In summary, betting more on one sportsbook results in betting more on 2, 3, 4... other sportsbooks, and each one is likely to give you larger promotions, and the hedges from those promotions just creates more offers. This same concept applies to the rewards programs even outside of sportsbooks, as outlined in the Status Match Merry-Go-Round.

Here is a more detailed example. BetRivers VIP has a weekly NFL promotion that requires you to bet $5,000. This promotion is worth about $300 a week. It also requires a hedge of ~$5,000 on a second sportsbook, let's say DraftKings. Wagering $5,000 a week for two weeks in a row gets you a DraftKings VIP Host and an invite to the DraftKings VIP Showcase (more on this below). Throughout the three weeks of the DraftKings VIP Showcase, you may wager upwards of $40,000 if you maximize the offers. This means that you are hedging ~$40,000 on a third sportsbook; this time, we will say Caesars. Wagering this much on Caesars fast tracks you to reach Diamond Status, where their VIP program starts. You then get a call/text from a Caesars VIP host offering a 20% match on a $10,000 deposit. The resulting $2,000 Bonus Bet from Caesars requires a hedge of ~$6,000, which you hedge on BetRivers. This hedge ensures that you maintain your VIP status on BetRivers and allows the loop to continue.

Manufactured Losses

You likely will not have VIP offers available daily, but that does not mean you shouldn't be looking to generate additional targeted offers from sportsbooks where you are a VIP. Once you achieve VIP status on at least two sportsbooks, you can start to "manufacture" large losses to generate more deposit matches and promotions. Manufacturing losses on sportsbooks follows the same general idea of manufactured spending for credit card rewards. The idea is simple: you place a large matched bet, think $5,000+ without a promotion, and even accept a small loss of maybe $50-100. As with all matched betting, one of these two bets will lose, and one will win. The sportsbook where you lost $5,000 does not know you won that money on a second sportsbook. To them, it simply looks like you lost $5,000. You then contact your VIP host at the losing sportsbook talking about how you took a bad loss and are looking to deposit so you can keep wagering. If you were able to get a 10% deposit match in Bonus Bets, that is ~$350 profit. That $350 profit minus the $100 loss from the manufactured loss is a net of $250 profit. You may not get a deposit match every time you have a loss on a sportsbook, but you will start to gain an understanding of what sportsbooks and VIP hosts will offer you. This allows you to be smart in which sportsbook you target for manufactured losses.

VIP Team vs. Trading Team

To achieve and maintain VIP status you need to wager a lot. This draws a lot of people towards arbitrage since you will make money on each wager. However, betting on arbs means you are likely beating the closing line and betting on small markets. Both of these actions tend to lead to limits. Limits are the worst thing that can happen to you when trying to achieve/maintain VIP status since they reduce your maximum bet amount. Limits are decided by the trading team. The trading team is independent of the VIP team and trumps any decisions made by the VIP team. Do not think cause you are down on a sportsbook, or because you have a good relationship with your VIP host that can save you from being limited. It does not matter, the trading team will limit you independent of these factors and your VIP host cannot help you. Learn more about Avoiding Sportsbook Limits and Avoiding Small Markets in our guides.

Text messages with a DraftKings VIP host stating that he does not know why the user was limited nor can he do anything about it

Tickets and Events

Most sportsbooks have a relationship with at least one sports team. Once you reach VIP status if they do not automatically prompt it you should ask about if there are any events/games that you can get tickets too. This may include box seats at a game, invite only watch parties for large sporting events, concert tickets, or even golf outings. What tickets are available varies significantly based on location and local sports teams. Work with your VIP host to see what options are available.

DraftKings VIP

Becoming A VIP On DraftKings

One of the easiest sportsbooks to become a VIP at is DraftKings.  There are several methods to join the DraftKings VIP program. The best method is to receive a referral from someone who is already a DraftKings VIP. If you do not know anyone who is a current VIP at DraftKings, then you still have four options to become a VIP. First, you can email their VIP team,, saying that you want to make a large deposit (over $10,000 most times).  Second, you can apply to get a DraftKings VIP host here. Third, you can apply for a Dynasty Tier Match if you have VIP status at a different sportsbook or casino. Finally, you can "naturally" generate VIP status by having a high weekly handle. Ideally a minimum of $5,000 a week.

As you start the process, a DraftKings VIP host will contact you. This could be via a text or an email. They typically look something like this. Chances are it will be from a number or email that you do not recognize.

Good Morning, this is Charles from the DraftKings VIP team. As of today I will be your VIP Host, meaning I will be your go-to for all DK related items. I wanted to reach out and introduce myself, make sure you have my contact info, and get to know you a little bit better.

If you don't mind sharing, I'd love to know the following: Who are some of your favorite teams? What do you do for work (broad field is fine, don't need exact details) What is your preferred contact method (Text/Email/Call) We appreciate your activity on DK, and I'm looking forward to working with you!

VIP Host

Ideally, at this point, you can arrange a deposit match if you have not done that already. The next step is going through the DraftKings VIP Showcase.

DraftKings VIP Showcase

As you start your VIP journey at DraftKings, You will be invited to the DraftKings VIP showcase. During the showcase, you will receive what DraftKings calls a "VIP level promotion" each Thursday for three weeks. There may be some minor variation in the exact promotions you receive, but the examples below are representative of the promotions and profits you can expect.

Week 1

DraftKings VIP Showcase Week 1

DraftKings VIP showcase Week 1 is a Bet and Get. You will want to use the Qualifying Bet Finder to profit from this offer. For every $1,000 you wager, you will receive a $100 Bonus Bet. You can receive up to $2,000 in Bonus Bets. In order to maximize the profit from week 1, you will have to wager $20,000. The screenshots below show that from each $1,000 wagered, you can expect to profit ~$55. If you complete all $20,00 in wagers, you would profit a total of $1,100. You do not have to place 20 $1,000 wagers like the example below. You could place any combination of wager amount and number of wagers. Each time you cross the next $1,000 threshold of settled wagers, you will receive your reward.

Verify the following:

  • You successfully opted in
  • Start and end times (bet must settle before the end time)
  • Voided and cashed-out wagers do not count
  • Minimum odds requirement
Screenshot showing how to profit from week 1 of the DraftKings VIP Showcase Screenshot showing how to profit from week 1 of the DraftKings VIP Showcase

Week 2

DraftKings VIP Showcase Week 2

DraftKings VIP showcase Week 2 is another Bet and Get. This time it is a Same Game Parlay. Learn more about your available options in our Parlay Promotions guide.

Verify the following:

  • You successfully opted in
  • Start and end times (bet must settle before the end time)
  • Voided and cashed-out wagers do not count
  • Minimum odds requirement
  • Minimum number of legs requirement

Week 3

DraftKings VIP Showcase Week 3

DraftKings VIP showcase Week 3 is a Loss Back promotion. Loss back promotions are unique and require a thorough understanding of how to convert them. You can learn more about them in our Loss Back promotions guide. You will want to place one large bet to maximize profit from this promotion. The example below shows a profit of ~$911 from this offer.

Verify the following:

  • You successfully opted in
  • Start and end times (bet must settle before the end time)
  • Voided and cashed-out wagers do not count
  • Minimum odds requirement
  • You do not place other wagers on DraftKings during the promotional period, as that may impact your net profit/loss on DraftKings.
Screenshot showing how to profit from week 3 of the DraftKings VIP Showcase Screenshot showing how to profit from week 3 of the DraftKings VIP Showcase

After the three weeks are over, talk with your DraftKings VIP host to see if you qualify for the DraftKings VIP program. After the DraftKings VIP Showcase, the offers are less structured, but you will continually get targeted offers that are 10x or more what a normal user receives.

BetRivers VIP

BetRivers has the most structured VIP program of all sportsbooks. Once you reach Level 7, you gain access to the BetRivers VIP Calendar. The VIP calendar is typically worth over $1,500 a month in profit.

BetRivers Loyalty Levels

There are a few important terms to understand the BetRivers VIP program.

  • iRush Rewards: Overall rewards program.
  • Loyalty Level: Rewards tier - ranges from 1 to 10, with an invite-only tier after ten called "Elite".
  • Loyalty Level Points: Rewards points - used to determine your Loyalty Level. Acquired from wagering.
  • Bonus Store Points: Rewards points - used to purchase items from the Bonus Store. Acquired from wagering.
  • Bonus Store: A marketplace where you can buy things such as Bonus Bets and Site Credit.

Becoming a VIP On BetRivers

Becoming a VIP on BetRivers requires reaching Level 7 in their rewards program, iRush Rewards. You reach Level 7 in the iRush Rewards program when you acquire 5,200 Loyalty Level Points. For every $6 wager on sports you gain 1 Loyalty Level point, more for parlays. To reach Level 7, you need to wager $32,100 in a 30-day period. After 30 days, the Loyalty Level Points decline until 60 days from when you earned them, at which point they are gone. This means you need to wager on BetRivers to maintain VIP status. The good news is that once you access the VIP calendar, the wagers you place as part of the VIP promotions accrue more Loyalty Level Points. Most months, the amount you need to wager as part of the VIP promotions is enough to maintain your VIP status.

There are two methods people use to reach VIP status on BetRivers. One is to use BetRivers to hedge all other promotions, even if it is a slightly lower conversion than hedging on a different sportsbook. The second method is to manufacture the required handle. Think of it like this: you can place wagers on BetRivers and hedge them on a different sportsbook without a promotion. Unless you find a bet that is arbitrage, this will result in a small loss. If this loss is smaller than the value you will get from the VIP calendar it will end up being profitable. Starting from 0 Loyalty Level Points you need to wager $31,200. If you take a 2% loss on that $31,200 that is a loss of $624. The VIP calendar is worth over $1,500 most months. Therefore, a $1,500 profit minus a $624 loss results in a net profit of $876. Then once you gain access to the VIP calendar the wagers as part of those promotions count towards maintaining VIP status.

As mentioned earlier in this guide BetRivers VIP is a great way to start the VIP Merry-Go-Round.

BetRivers VIP Calendar

In general there are several types of promotions on the BetRivers VIP Calendar. In this guide we will look at promotions that are matched betting friendly and parlay promotions.

Here is an example BetRivers VIP Calendar only showing promotions that can be hedged with matched betting.

BetRivers VIP Calendar

Here is an example BetRivers VIP Calendar only showing promotions that are parlays. Learn more in our Parlay Promotions guide.

BetRivers VIP Calendar for Parlays

Caesars VIP

Like BetRivers, Caesars has a structured VIP program. There are a few important terms to understand the Caesars VIP program.

  • Rewards Credits: The "comp currency" of Caesars. Used for Site Credit, in person casino credit, hotel, and dining.
  • Tier Credits: Credits earned between Jan 1st and Dec 31st of each year based on play that determine your current Tier Status.
  • Tier Status: Current Rewards Level.

Caesars has six Tier Status levels. Once you reach Diamond, a Caesars VIP host is likely to reach out to you.  To reach Diamond, you need 15,000 tier credits.  You earn 10 tier credit for every $100 wagered with minimum odds of -300. Each time you move up a level you unlock additional benefits. Some are specifically related to the online sportsbook such as monthly Bonus Bets, and others are related to in person rewards tied to Caesars strong physical casino/hotel presence.

Once you have a Caesars VIP host you can ask them for things like deposit matches. A 10-20% deposit match on a large deposit is a normal occurrence on Caesars as longs as you have not withdrawn recently or are up significantly. Taking advantage of their connection to several sports teams, such as the Arizona Diamondbacks and Indianapolis Colts, as well as Madison Square Garden is an additional added perk with Caesars. Concert and event tickets in VIP suites are one of the many perks of becoming a Caesars VIP.

Caesars VIP at the Arizona Diamondbacks Outfield Pool


Emailing ESPNBet at asking what they can do for a deposit over $10,000 often gets you into their MVP program.  Barstool looks for $10,000 in deposits every 30 days.  They have a second tier of $25,000 a month in deposits.  

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