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Odds vs. Other Books:
hold vs. 4.5% avg
*lower is better
VIP/Rewards Grade: 5/5
Summary: Caesars has a structed VIP program that makes tracking your VIP status easy. They also have a strong connection to physical casinos which can lead to travel and entertainment rewards.

Updated: Sep 27, 2023
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Matched Betting

What is the "Matched Betting Value" listed above? This is the amount of risk free profit that you can make from the sign-up offer through a technique called matched betting. In short, it is a mathematical approach to sports betting that guarantees profit by hedging your bets. This allows you to cover all possible outcomes and secure a profit no matter what happens in the game. This is different from gambling because there is no risk of losing. Learn more in our What Is Matched Betting guide.

Available Locations


Caesars is available in 20 states. They are a top five sportsbook in size and have one of the largest sign-up offers available. They are also one of the slowest sportsbooks to enact limits on bettors, which makes them extremely valuable for matched betting. Since Caesars is a large sportsbook they often accept wagers on main lines that can have winnings of $10,000 or more.

Additionally, they have a strong physical presence in states that allow retail wagering and casinos which ties nicely into their rewards programs through comps.

**How long does Caesars sportsbook take to pay out?** Caesars guarantees that all withdrawal requests will be fulfilled within 72 hours. For a smoother withdrawal process, Caesars recommends using the same method for both deposits and withdrawals.

Notes Before Signing Up

Promo code required for the Risk Free Bet.

Unique Terminology

  • Bonus Bet = Free Bet
  • Tier Credit = Points towards reward status, reset annually
  • Reward Credit = Points that can be redeemed for rewards such as site credit, travel, or entertainment

Signup Offers

Bet and Get

Bet $50 Get $250 in Free Bets

Repeating The Sign-up Offers

Sign-up offers are some of the most profitable promotions available in matched betting. Some sportsbooks will allow you to repeat them in each state increasing your profits. You can learn more about repeating the sign-up offers in multiple states in our guide.

  • Separate account per state: Yes
  • Can you repeat the signup offer in each state: No
  • Can you do the Refer A Friend (RAF) offer and the sign-up offer: Unknown

VIP/Rewards Program

Caesars has a very structured VIP program based on Tier Credits. You earn Tier Credits for sports wagers at the following rates. 10 Tier Credits for every $100 wagered on straight bets, and 20 Tier Credits for every $100 wagered on parlays. Maximum Tier Credit earning rate is for straight bets with -300 odds (or longer) and parlay bets with +200 odds (or longer). Wagers with shorter odds will have lower earning rates.

Once you reach Diamond Status, 15,000 Tier Credits, a VIP representative may reach out to you to get into the VIP program. VIP reps can help with deposit matches, as well as travel and entertainment rewards. Caesars is partnered with Madison Square Garden for events and the Memphis Grizzlies, Chicago White Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, and Indianapolis Colts.

Example Promotion

Caesars is filled with promotions and offer Profit Boosts on a regular basis. Some are targeted offers and others are available to all of their customers. It is a best practice to check the DarkHorse Odds Promo Dashboard on a daily basis to ensure you maximize your profit.

Profit Boost

Here is an example of a Profit Boost on Caesars. Through matched betting, you can mathematically guarantee a profit by hedging your bet.

Screenshot of a 25% Profit Boost on Caesars Sportsbook

Profit Boost Finder

You can use the Profit Boost Bet Finder on DarkHorse Odds to guarantee a profit of $103. In addition to the Profit Boost Finder DarkHorse Odds has all the tools needed to convert a wide variety of sportsbook promotions such as Free Bets, Risk Free Bets, Site Credit, and more. You can learn more about matched betting in our guides.

Screenshot of the Profit Boost Bet Finder on DarkHorse Odds

Deposit & Withdraw Methods

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