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Odds vs. Other Books:
hold vs. 4.5% avg
*lower is better
VIP/Rewards Grade: 5/5
Summary: BetRivers has the most structured VIP program available and is a must have for anyone looking to get started with VIP.

Updated: Sep 27, 2023
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Matched Betting

What is the "Matched Betting Value" listed above? This is the amount of risk free profit that you can make from the sign-up offer through a technique called matched betting. In short, it is a mathematical approach to sports betting that guarantees profit by hedging your bets. This allows you to cover all possible outcomes and secure a profit no matter what happens in the game. This is different from gambling because there is no risk of losing. Learn more in our What Is Matched Betting guide.

Available Locations


BetRivers is one of the smaller of the top 6 sportsbooks in the US. They use Kambi as an odds provider, but do have some minor variations in odds compared to other Kambi sportsbooks. SugarHouse is BetRivers' sister sportsbook and is identical in nearly everyway. BetRivers/SugarHouse are located in 15 states plus Ontario.

The best part about BetRivers is how structured their VIP and rewards program is. This alone makes them a great book for any matched bettor, and an excellent hedge book for other promotions/sign-up offers you have available.

Notes Before Signing Up

A promo code is required to receive the sign-up offer.

Unique Terminology

  • Bonus Bet = Free Bet
  • iRush Rewards = Rewards Program
  • Loyalty Level = The Level of the iRush Rewards program you are at. VIP starts at Level 7

Signup Offers

$500 Risk Free Bet

$500 Risk Free Bet refunded as a Free Bet

$250 Risk Free Bet

$250 Risk Free Bet refunded as a Free Bet

$100 Risk Free Bet

$100 Risk Free Bet refunded as a Free Bet
No items found.

Repeating The Sign-up Offers

Sign-up offers are some of the most profitable promotions available in matched betting. Some sportsbooks will allow you to repeat them in each state increasing your profits. You can learn more about repeating the sign-up offers in multiple states in our guide.

  • Separate account per state: Yes
  • Can you repeat the signup offer in each state: No
  • Can you do the Refer A Friend (RAF) offer and the sign-up offer: Unknown

VIP/Rewards Program

BetRivers has the most structured VIP/Rewards program available. Once you reach Level 7 for the iRush Rewards program you gain access to the VIP calendar. The VIP calendar is full of additional offers targeted at VIPs, often worth well over $1,500 profit a month via matched betting. To reach level 7 you need to earn 5,200 Loyalty Level Points. The number of Loyalty Level Points earned per wager depends on the number of legs in the wager. A straight wager of just one leg earns 1 point per $6 wagered.

Loyalty Level Points work on a 60-day rolling period. All points will stay with you for 30 days from the date that you earn them. For the next 30 days, they will gradually decline. Fortunately, any decrease in points during the rolling 60-day period will be replaced with new points you earn, so your Loyalty Level will always and more accurately reflect your real money wagering activity. The progress bar will update once a day when Loyalty Level Points have dropped off and anytime you earn more Loyalty Level Points throughout the day. The 60-day rolling period does not apply to Bonus Store points as they are available for redemption for a year from the date they are earned.

How to Profit from Level 7 BetRivers VIP. To reach Level 7 when starting at 0 points you need to wager $31,200 in straight wagers in one month. This likely sounds like an intimidating number, but it can be broken into many smaller bets. Assuming you lose 2% on the Qualifying Bets that is a loss of $624 ($31,200 * 0.02 = $624). That means to reach Level 7 you lost $624. However now that you reached Level 7 and have access to the VIP calendar the offers are worth well over a total of $624 a month. It varies every month but the total is normally over $1,500 profit. This puts your monthly profit closer to $900. Once you reach Level 7 you need to place qualifying bets for each promotion. These wagers count towards your iRush Rewards status and help keep you at Level 7, or higher.

By using BetRivers to hedge other sportsbook promotions and placing specific qualifying bets, even at a small loss reaching Level 7 VIP is profitable and one of the best available strategies.

Example Promotion

BetRivers is one of the most organized sportsbooks in terms of promotions.  They frequently offer Profit Boosts, Free Bets, Qualifying Bets and more. You can view your available promotions in the designated promotions tab on the app/website.

Qualifying Bet

Here is an example of a Qualifying Bet on BetRivers. Through matched betting, you can mathematically guarantee profit by hedging your bet.

Screenshot of the terms of a BetRivers Qualifying Bet Screenshot of the terms of a BetRivers Qualifying Bet

Qualifying Bet Finder

You can use the Qualifying Bet Finder on DarkHorse Odds to guarantee a profit of $12. This assumes that a total of four touchdowns will be scored, and therefore you would get a $20 Free Bet from BetRivers as part of the promotion. In addition to the Profit Boost Bet Finder DarkHorse Odds has all the tools needed to convert a wide variety of sportsbook promotions such as Free Bets, Risk Free Bets, Site Credit, and more. You can learn more about matched betting in our guides.

Screenshot of the Qualifying Bet Finder on DarkHorse Odds a BetRiver Qualifying Bet.

Deposit & Withdraw Methods

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