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How to Convert a Bonus Voucher

Level: Beginner
Updated: Mar 15, 2023
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Key Takeaways

If you are new to using Bet Finders on DarkHorse Odds start here to learn how to use all the available features such as filters and editing your Bet Slip.

In all of our guides, we filter to “Main Lines Only” as a way to avoid limits. Learn more here.

A few sportsbooks use Bonus Vouchers when paying out promotional bets. This is different than Free Bets and Site Credit. There are five key points to understand about Bonus Vouchers:

  • Part of the bet is cash and part is Bonus Voucher. It is most often 50/50.
  • The bonus voucher portion of the bet only returns the winnings. The cash portion returns stake and winnings.
  • It cannot be withdrawn. It must be bet to convert it to withdrawable cash.
  • It often has minimum odds requirements.
  • You may need to deposit if you have more Bonus Voucher than cash in your account. For example, let’s say you have a $100 Bonus Voucher and $50 cash in your account. The bet needs to be split 50/50 between Bonus Voucher and cash, so you will need to deposit another $50. You cannot place a bet that is a $100 Bonus Voucher and $50 cash.

Minimum Odds

Bonus Voucher bets often have minimum odds requirements. This is usually around -200, but it varies by Sportsbook. This simply means you cannot place a Bonus Voucher bet on a line that is lower than -200. Meaning you cannot bet on a line that is -210, but you can bet on lines of -200, -150, +150, etc.

Converting Bonus Vouchers

Use the Bonus Voucher Bet Finder.

Set the minimum odds to -200.

Filter to main lines only. Not required, only recommended.

This sets Market Type to Moneyline, Spread, and Total.

It also sets Market Segment to Full Game/Match.

Choose the sportsbook you have the Bonus Voucher on then enter the Bonus Voucher amount. The bet amount will automatically populate and adjust based on the Bonus Voucher amount and Bonus Voucher percentage. In this example, we will use a $100 Bonus Voucher on SuperBook, 50% Bonus Voucher, and -200 minimum odds. Then select the bet you want.

After selecting the matched bet you want, viewing the bet slip provides all the details needed to properly hedge ensuring maximum profit. In this example, you would place a $200 bet with SuperBook on the Panthers moneyline at +425. Then you would place a $782 hedge bet with PlayUp on the Penguins moneyline at -465. Either way, you will profit $68.

It is important to remember that using all $100 in Bonus Voucher requires a $200 bet. In this case, split 50/50. $100 cash and a $100 Bonus Voucher.

Clicking the information icon displays further details explaining exactly how you profit $68 no matter the outcome of the event.