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Bet Slip Editing

Level: Beginner
Updated: Aug 25, 2023
1 min read

Key Takeaways

Within your Bet Slip clicking either the pencil or on the odds/bet amount allows you to edit the odds and bet amount. This allows you to recalculate the hedge amount if the odds move, as well as fine-tune your rounded hedge amount as recommended in our Don’t Get Limited guide.

Here you can edit the Promotional Bet odds, the Hedge Bets odds, and the Hedge Bet amount. Promotional Bet amounts need to be edited on the Bet Finder settings.

In the example below we changed the Hedge Amount from $204 to $200 to make it a round number.

Returning to the Bet Slip you can see that the outcomes are now slightly uneven depending on which bet wins, compared to before the bet amounts were edited. This minor variation is preferred over suspicious bet amounts that can lead to getting limited on the sportsbook.

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