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Updated: Mar 15, 2023
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Key Takeaways

Filters allow you to remove bets that do not meet your needs. Whether it is because a particular promotion is for a specific league, has minimum odds requirements, your bankroll limits your max hedge amount, or even situations where you need to select a single event. Our filters allow you to do this without wasting time searching through every available line.

Apply Filters

Click the “Filters” button to view and apply filters.

Main Lines Only

Selecting Main Lines Only will filter Market Type to Money Line, Spread, and Total and Market Segment to Full Game/Match.


You can add/remove leagues as desired.

Market Type

Find the exact market you need for your promotion.

There is a toggle to “Apply to Hedge Bets” which lets you choose to apply the Market filter to your hedge books. For example, at times the Main Line Spread on one book may be an Alternate Spread on the hedge book. In some cases, you may be okay with an Alternate Line for your hedge, in other cases, maybe not. This toggle lets you choose.

Market Segment

Select the desired game segment from full game/match to specific quarters, halves, innings, periods, and sets.

Bet Odds

Set Min and Max odds for the Promotional Bet. Useful when your promotion has specific odds requirements.

Hedge Bet Odds

Set Min and Max odds for your Hedge Bet. This is particularly useful when stacking promotions. For example, your Hedge Bet is Site Credit and has a minimum odds requirement.

Hedge Books

Add/remove hedge books as needed. On the Settings page, you can also add and remove books that will be available across all your Bet Finders. Filtering hedge books here will only apply to this Bet Finder. This is useful when you have a low bankroll in one of your books and you want to remove it as a possible hedge, but do not want to remove it from settings since you still belong to the book.

Max Hedge Bet

You can limit the maximum hedge amount to only show bets that fit your bankroll.

Single Event

Select a single event that you want to see lines for. Many qualifying bets need to be placed on a specific event.

Date Range

Select a start and end date. You can input by typing in a mm/dd/yyyy format, or by clicking the calendar icon and selecting the start/end date.

Calendar to select start and end dates.

Use the next "X" hours/days filter to narrow down the events you want to view.

Today Only

Only show events that start before midnight.

Best From Each Event

Some promotions will give you several offers but you can only use one per game. Turning this filter on only shows the best available conversion for each game. For example, DraftKings often does one 25% profit boost for each NFL game in week one.