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Massachusetts Sports Betting Launch Walkthrough: How To Make Over $8,000

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Updated: Jun 12, 2024
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The sign-up offers changed: This post was made when sports betting first launched in MA and reflects the offers available at that time. Since then the offers have changed. Use our state guides for the current sign-up offers in Massachusetts.


Mobile sports betting in Massachusetts went live March 10th at 10 am. There are six sportsbooks at launch with more to follow. You can make in excess of $8,000 by turning their promotions into guaranteed profit with a strategy called Matched Betting.  Matched Betting turns sportsbook promotions into profit by placing a specific hedge bet which guarantees profit no matter the outcome of the event.  Note that this is different from gambling. Gambling means that you can lose money if a certain outcome happens. With Matched Betting, you don’t care what happens because you make the same amount of money either way. There's no better way to do sports betting in Massachusetts.

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Infographic describing matched betting process

Massachusetts Sportsbooks

According to, 87% of sports betting in Massachusetts will be done via mobile sportsbooks.

Here are the available sportsbooks sign-up offers and the approximate profit you can make from them. The profit does not stop after the sign-up offers.

Sportsbook Sign-up Offer Value Deposit Required
Barstool $1,000 Risk Free Bet $700 $1,000
BetMGM $1,000 Risk Free Bet $500 $1,000
BetMGM 2nd Offer $500 Deposit Match $500 $500
Caesars $1,500 Risk Free Bet $750 $1,500
DraftKings $5,000 Risk Free Bet $2,500 $5,000
DraftKings 2nd Offer 20% Deposit Match $1,000 Same deposit as above
FanDuel* $5,00 Risk Free Bet $2,500 $5,000
WynnBet Bet $100 Get $100 $70 $100
Total $8,250 $14,100

Several more sportsbooks are expected in the future.

To maximize your profit from these, you will need a sizable bankroll, $9,120. But the profit amounts scale with the bankroll size. So you can still make plenty of money off of these offers if you have a smaller bankroll. You can also complete the offers one at a time, instead of all at once lowering the initial bankroll size needed.

Depending on how the bets play out, you may be able to withdraw from one sportsbook and deposit in another. This can reduce the bankroll size needed by several thousand dollars. Note that some sportsbooks (especially BetMGM) have been known to limit bettors after immediate withdrawals following the sign-up offers. If this happens you will miss out on the recurring promotions that follow greatly reducing your long-term profit.

There are three basic Matched Betting concepts to understand before getting started with the Massachusetts sign-up offers. After going through each one to ensure understanding, we will break down the order you will want to complete the sign-up offers.

Core Matched Betting Concepts

Concept 1: Converting a Bonus Bet

A Bonus Bet is exactly what it sounds like. A bet given to you by the sportsbook. When you place a Bonus Bet you are not risking any money from your bankroll. The distinguishing characteristic of a Bonus Bet is that only the winnings are returned, and not the original bet amount. Read our guide on Bonus Bets to learn more.

Here is an example of converting a $100 Bonus Bet on DraftKings.

$100 bet with DK on the Sixers money line at +265 (Bonus Bet)
$196 bet with FD on the Celtics money line at -285 (Hedge Bet)

The Sixers and Celtics play each other; therefore, one of those two bets will win.

If the Sixers win…

  • You profit $265 on DK
  • You lose $196 on FD
  • Net profit of $69

If the Celtics win…

  • You profit $69 on FD
  • You lose $0 on DK since it was a Bonus Bet
  • Net profit of $69

You can see that no matter who wins you profit $69 from a $100 Bonus Bet. This is often referred to as a 69% conversion.

Concept 2: Converting Site Credit

Site Credit is referred to as different things across sportsbooks. DK calls it DK Dollars, BS calls it bonus cash, etc. Like a Bonus Bet, placing a Site Credit bet does not risk money from your bankroll. Unlike a Bonus Bet, Site Credit works like a normal bet in that your original bet is returned on a winning bet.

Additionally, Site Credit often has minimum odds requirements such as -300. This means your bet must be -300 or longer to count toward the playthrough requirement. -300, -250, +150, etc all count toward the playthrough. -350, -450, etc would not count. Read our guide on Site Credit to learn more.

Here is an example of converting a $100 Site Credit on MGM.

$100 bet with MGM on the Wizards money line at -120 (Site Credit Bet)
$85 bet with BS on the Bulls money line at +115 (Hedge Bet)

The Wizards and the Bulls play each other; therefore, one of those two bets will win.

If the Wizards win…

  • You profit $83 on MGM
  • The $100 Site Credit is returned as $100 cash
  • Total profit of $183
  • You lose $85 on BS
  • Net profit of $98

If the Bulls win…

  • You profit $98 on BS
  • You lose $0 on MGM since it was a Site Credit, not cash from your bankroll
  • Net profit of $98

You can see that no matter who wins you profit $98 from a $100 Site Credit. This is often referred to as a 98% conversion. $98 / $100 * 100 = 98%.

Note: Site Credit can sometimes have a 2x or more playthrough requirement. Even with much higher playthrough requirements, Site Credit is still very profitable.

Concept 3: Converting a Second Chance Bet

Second Chance Bets are the most common sign-up offer. Second Chance Bets are wagered with cash from your bankroll, and if it loses you receive a refund, often in the form of a Bonus Bet or Site Credit. It is important to note that converting Second Chance Bets is either a one or two-step process. If the Second Chance Bet wins, you only need one step. If it loses, you need to convert the refund (See the Site Credit / Bonus Bet sections above). Learn more about Second Chance Bets in our guide.

Here is an example of the $1,000 Second Chance Bet on FanDuel that is refunded as a Bonus Bet.

Step 1: Hedge your $1,000 Second Chance Bet

$1,000 bet with FD on the Hornets money line at +280 (Second Chance Bet)
$2,305 bet with DK on the Nets money line at -290 (Hedge Bet)

The Hornets and the Nets play each other; therefore, one of those two bets will win.

If the Hornets win…

  • You profit $2,800 on FD.
  • You lose $2,305 on DK.
  • Net profit of $495. You’re done. No need to complete step two.

If the Nets win…

  • You profit $795 on DK.
  • You lose $1,000 on FD, but you get a $1,000 Bonus Bet on FD from losing the Second Chance Bet.
  • Right now you are down $205, but you have that $1,000 Bonus Bet. This is where step two comes into play.

Step 2: Convert your $1,000 Bonus Bet

$1,000 with FD on the Pistons money line at +240 (Bonus Bet)
$1,704 with DK on the Timberwolves money line at -245 (Hedge Bet)

The Pistons and the Timberwolves play each other; therefore, one of those two bets will win.

If the Pistons win…

  • You profit $2,400 on FD
  • You lose $1,704 on DK
  • Step 2 Profit is $696
  • Step 1 Loss is $205
  • Final Profit is $491

If the Timberwolves win…

  • You lose $0 on FD
  • You profit $696 on DK
  • Step 2 Profit is $696
  • Step 1 Loss is $205
  • Final Profit is $491

You can see that no matter which bet wins in any of the scenarios above, in the end, you walk away with $491 profit.

Note that with many sportsbooks, if you have a Second Chance Bet, they force it to be on your first bet placed. This is important to note to avoid accidentally hedging using a Second Chance Bet. Doing so will reduce your guaranteed profit.

Before You Start

Read our getting started guides and make sure you understand the full process before you sign-up for any sportsbooks and place your first matched bet.

Massachusetts Sign-up Offers

Warning: Before getting started, it is important to know that Sportsbooks can and will limit you. Getting limited means you won't receive any more promotions and you'll be severely restricted in how much you can bet. Read our guide on how to avoid getting limited.

DraftKings is one of the first sportsbooks to give out VIP status and they have a deposit match signup offer. VIP status can lead to many more promotions. Because of this, they are a perfect book to start with and use to hedge the other sign-up offers. Their sign-up offer is a 20% deposit match on a $5,000 deposit. The match is released $1 of Site Credit for every $25 wagered with minimum odds of -300. Using them as a hedge for all the other signup offers will complete a large portion of the playthrough requirements and likely result in you getting a text from a DK VIP representative.

Here is the order that you will want to complete the sign-up offers.

1. DraftKings

Deposit $5,000. Be careful when making your first deposit. It defaults to $200. You will want to change that to $5,000. Use DK to hedge the other sign-up offers, but only after completing the Second Chance Bet on DK.

  • The first bet on money line with DK counts as the Bet $5 Win $200 in Bonus Bets offer. This offer is less valuable than the $5,000 Second Chance Bet. Do the Second Chance Bet instead if your bankroll allows it.
  • When hedging other offers on DK sticking to minimum odds of -300 may lower your conversions slightly but counts towards completing the deposit match rollover requirement.

2 FanDuel

Deposit $5,000+ to hedge the DK Second Chance Bet.  Make sure you do NOT opt-in to the FD Second Chance Bet until you are done hedging the DK Second Chance Bet, and the Bonus Bet refund if the initial DK bet loses.  Once that is done opt-in and convert the Second Chance Bet refunded as a Bonus Bet. Minimum deposit of $2,000 and opt-in required.

  • If the Second Chance Bet loses, convert the Bonus Bet refund.
  • FanDuel has a second offer that cannot be combined with the Second Chance Bet offer. It is Bet $5 Get $125 in Bonus Bets. Because it cannot be combined, this offer is not worth doing.
  • If you use DK to hedge you will likely receive a text DK VIP after betting so much this quickly.
  • If you are worried about messing up the timing of the FD and DK Second Chance Bets, use Wynn to hedge the DK Second Chance Bet instead of FD.  Effectively switching steps 2 and 3.

3. WynnBet

Open an account and deposit enough to hedge the DK Second Chance Bet, 1.5-3.5x the DK Second Chance Bet amount. Use Wynn to convert the $5,000 Second Chance Bet on DK. These offers pair well and allow you to avoid combining Second Chance Bets.

4. Caesars

Open an account and deposit $1,250. You will need a promo code to receive the $1,250 Second Chance Bet. Convert the $1,250 Second Chance Bet refunded as a Bonus Bet.

  • If the Second Chance Bet loses, convert the Bonus Bet refund.

5. Barstool

Open an account and deposit $1,000. Convert the Second Chance Bet refunded as Site Credit.

  • If the Second Chance bet on BS loses, convert the Site Credit refund.

6. BetMGM

Open an account but do NOT deposit. Wait 24-72 hours and you will likely receive a $500 deposit match. Once you get the email go to the deposit screen and remove the promo code. Deposit $1,000 without the deposit match and convert the $1,000 Second Chance Bet refunded as a Bonus Bet.

  • If the Second Chance Bet loses, convert the Bonus Bet refund. This comes in the form of 5 $200 Bonus Bets.
  • Once the Second Chance Bet is converted, make a $500 deposit this time leaving the promo code intact to receive a $500 Site Credit deposit match. Be careful to note the expiration date for this offer and that you convert the Second Chance Bet before the deposit match expires.

Increase Profits With VIP

If you have a very large bankroll, it is worthwhile reaching out to each sportsbook ahead of time asking what they can do for a $10,000+ deposit. No guarantee you will get an additional offer not listed above, but it is possible. Each sportsbook is eager to get new customers in a newly launched state. DraftKings and Barstool are the most likely to reply to this and give you VIP right off the bat. Learn more in our VIP guide.

Continuing Past Sign-up Offers

Sign-up offers are some of the most profitable available. However, it is easy to continue profiting after that. Sportsbooks regularly offer promotions to existing users such as profit boosts, double your winnings, bet and gets, loss insurance, and many more. Read more about how to profit from matched betting after sign-up offers in our After Sign-up Offers guide.


How Do I Get Started?

Guides: We have extensive matched betting guides that walk you through how to get started and profit from matched betting.

Discord: The DarkHorse Odds Discord server is a great place to discuss and learn more about matched betting from a community of other matched bettors.  Join here.

Email: Send any questions to

One-on-One Help: DarkHorse Odds has partnered with The Book Investing. They offer personalized one-on-one consultation to help you profit from matched betting. They are familiar with the best strategies available to increase profits and longevity. For New Users to The Book Investing, they offer a free walkthrough on your first matched bet.

How do I know how much to bet?

Our Bet Finders give you the best conversions and tell you exactly how much to bet.

Why do sportsbooks do this? (This sounds too good to be true.)

Sportsbooks offer promotions to get new customers and retain existing ones. They know that in the long term, they will make money off of the average gambler. It’s not that different from bank and credit card sign-up offers, except there’s a lot more money to be made.

How much money can I make doing Matched Betting?

You won’t be able to quit your day job, but it can be a sizable side hustle. A lot depends on how much money you can commit to Matched Betting to start with and what sportsbooks are available in your state. Many can make $1,000 or more a month even after sign-up offers.

What’s the catch? Is there any risk?

There’s no catch. The biggest risk to be aware of is human error. For example, placing a bet on the wrong team or for the wrong amount. So, don’t rush, take the time to understand the promotions, read over the terms and conditions, and double-check your bets.


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