What is Stacking?
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What is Stacking Promotions?

Level: Advanced
Updated: Aug 25, 2023
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Key Takeaways

Hedging a promotion with cash always works and is the most common way to hedge in Matched Betting. If you have promotions on multiple sportsbooks, your hedge bet could also be a promotion. Hedging a promotion on one book with a promotion on another book is called ‘stacking’ promotions.

Not all promotions should be used as a hedge bet. Understanding which offers can be hedged against each other is important to avoid missing out on profit. The general rule of thumb is that you can always hedge with cash or Site Credit. And you can sometimes hedge with a Qualifying Bet, but it depends on the situation.

For example, if you have Site Credit on MGM and a Free Bet on DK, you should use the Free Bet Finder and select DK. If a favorable Matched Bet with MGM is available, you can hedge using MGM. This would work towards the MGM Site Credit playthrough requirement. Do NOT use the Site Credit Bet Finder with MGM and hedge using the DK Free Bet.

The Most Common Mistake

Combining promotions can be the most complicated when you are first getting started and all you have are signup offers. The most common mistake people make is putting Risk Free Bets against each other. This will lower your profit. If you are forced to stack promotions, hedge the Risk Free Bet with a Site Credit deposit match, if possible.

Stacking Promotions: Pros

  1. Fewer bets results in less work.
  2. Useful if you currently do not have any sportsbooks and are forced to stack the signup offers.

Stacking Promotions: Cons

  1. Stacking promotions reduces the bets you make across your book. Having more bets across your books can help you achieve VIP status if the bet amounts are large. See the VIP Guide for more information.
  2. Blindly stacking promotions without checking for better conversions on a different book will lead to less profit.
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